10 Things To Know For Your Remodel

Remodeling can change your house into the home of your dreams, but we all know dreams can turn into nightmares rather quickly! Here are a few tips to keep the dream alive.

man holding house plan paper
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10. Figure out your budget

This can be a little tricky. If you have seen the home improvement shows then your expectations might be quite a bit higher than your budget. Remodels cost A LOT more than most people think. Do your research on the products you want and get a few bids from local contractors. Now, look at the price differences on the bids you receive. Why is one so much lower/ higher than the others? The lowest or the highest might not be the best quality bid you receive. Keep your budget within reason but be prepared for the price to go up with changes or additions to your remodel!

9. Find the BEST time to get startedimg_1776

Let’s face it there is no ideal time to have your house torn apart. Find a start date and an ideal finish date, and then add a few weeks to be on the safe side. Giving yourself a few extra weeks can save you from having to share a bathroom with the in-laws.

Don’t forget to check the weather, be patient, and if you picked the right contractor everything will be done before you know it!

8. Does everything need to be replaced?

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, not everything will need to be replaced. Things like kitchen appliances, toilets or faucets can be moved/ taken off and reused. This is a great way to save a little extra money to put towards something with a higher priority!

7. Pick your style

Sit down because this part may take you down the internet rabbit hole. Today’s trend seems to be in favor of the white shaker style cabinets with a lighter quartz or granite top. Is that what you are interested in or has Pinterest and Instagram showered you with pictures of this trend? Keep digging until you find what you love, there are endless possibilities! Once you find an example of the dream kitchen save those pictures for your contractor to see. The more visual’s they get from you, the closer they can come to re-creating it!


Keep functionality in mind. A recent trend in the kitchen is upper floating shelves instead of cabinets. It looks cool until you run out of space to put your crock pot.

6. Talk with your friends and family

I promise there will be horror stories, lots of them. DON’T let these stories scare you out of your remodel. Rather, use them as a learning experience to keep your remodel on track and turn out better than you imagined!

5. D.I.Y?

Do it yourself, learning how to do something in your house is just a click away! Leaving the tiling to the pros is probably a good call but things like tearing out the old cabinets or doing the demolition can help save you a few bucks!

Be careful!

4. Pick a contractor

This is the most important step. There are a million people online that “know” how to do a remodel but having a reliable contractor can save you time, money and many headaches!

Use reviews as a guide! Now-a-days we’re lucky to have reviews about companies on social media, Google, Yelp! etc. Be sure to check the contractor’s license and make sure they are bonded and insured!

3. Ask for references

References are a great way to hear exactly how a contractor performed for a previous customer. The contractor should be eager to show you pictures of their previous work.

After you picked a contractor…

2. Embrace the changes along the way

The original idea you have in mind may slightly vary from the end result. Often time’s unforeseen complications with your remodel come up. Talk with your contractor to see what can be done, they will figure out a solution that works best for you!


1. Show it off!

Don’t be shy; throw a party, post pictures and if you’re feeling generous write a detailed 5-star review for the contractor! You spent your hard earned money to improve your home, why not show everyone how awesome it looks! You could be helping out family and friends that are thinking about making changes to their home as well. Just like your favorite restaurant down the street, a good review can not only help out the company but also will point buyers in the right direction to quality work.

Hope this post will help you with your remodel, Good luck!


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