8 Ways To Keep Clean During Your Remodel!

You have your bid, love your contractor’s design and you’re ready to schedule the start date but there is one major thing on your mind, dust. Dust is one of the biggest fears for homeowners thinking about tearing into a home renovation.

Here are 8 great tips to keep your home clean during your remodel!

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1. When in doubt, get it out

If the items are easy enough to remove, GET THEM OUT! Rugs, furniture, pictures on the wall, TVs- EVERTHING! This is the best way to keep your belongings dust free. Grab a friend or a neighbor and place as much as you can in a nearby room.

2. Plastic everything

Hyatt Regency Flooring Remodel

Cover the doorway. Cover the air vents. Cover the mirrors. At this point cover your plastic in plastic! Dust particles are sneaky; they will find any opening possible to float through and settle. Cover any of the items that you weren’t able to remove with plastic or an extra bed sheet. Old bed sheets work incredibly since they are easy to wash after it’s all said and done!

Covering the door way is crucial. Often times your contractor will remove the door during the process to keep it out of the way of their workers and to keep the door from getting damaged.

3. Place a towel under the door

Putting a towel under the door to nearby rooms is one of my favorite tips for clients! For example on a master bathroom remodel, typically the closet is a part of the same room; even if the door is closed the dust can still infiltrate the entire room. Placing a towel under the closet door will prevent the dust from getting to your clothing! Nobody likes dusty clothes!

4. Open up the house

Ventilation is key! If the weather isn’t too brutal (save your electric bill), open up your home! Keeping the windows and doors open can send the dust outside. If you do decide to open up the windows take off the sun screens. When the screens are left on they end up collecting all the dust instead of sending it out!

5. Purchase a sweeping compound

A sweeping compound is oil, wax or water based material (typically) made with saw dust to collect dust particles before being swept. The compound keeps the dust from becoming air born and traveling throughout your home. Most companies will not use a sweeping compound (they don’t have to live there!). However, if you purchase this for your contractor to use they will gladly use it!

6. Create a path

Find the best path for the workers. This doesn’t have to be through the front door! Often times going through the garage or back door is a quicker and cleaner route. Once the path is decided your contractor should put down a protective paper or drop cloths but it’s up to you to add additional plastic!

7. Put in cleaning overtime

It’s not ideal to come home from your day to clean up after the day’s work but a “contractor’s clean” doesn’t always cut it. A contractor’s clean is just a simple sweep and then shop vac the remainder of the debris. If you put in a little overtime it will cut down extra cleaning in the future!

8. Hire a cleaning company

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Having a cleaning company come after the work is complete is definitely worth the extra money! For less than $100 you can have your new renovation spotless and ready to show!

Pro Tip: The walls will catch more dust than you’d expect! Take a damp rag and run it over the walls to collect the remaining dust after your remodel is complete!

If you follow these steps it will keep your house in perfect condition during your remodel! Be sure to check out https://myremodel.blog/2018/10/29/10-things-to-know-for-your-remodel/

Cover Photo: Photo by Oliver Hale on Unsplash


18 thoughts on “8 Ways To Keep Clean During Your Remodel!

  1. Very timely as I’m about to embark on a remodel. Thanks for the tips so I can feel empowered rather than overwhelmed by it! I’ll check out your other posts, as I’m sure I will find them just as useful during our renovation!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. every remodell ends with cleaning, which can be easy or hard, depending on how good you prepared, these are some great tips, and some I didn’t even consider :O towel under the door, that was a new one for me.


  3. This brought back memories of the remodeling work we’ve done in the last two years. We had to pack things up and move them out. It was worth the effort and clean up was easier to do.


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